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New Tour = New Photos!


It's been a busy autumn on the Suits & Boots tour with Brett! The shows have been such a blast so far! I added some new pics to the photos section of this page, shot by Trenton Swartzentruber, Danielle Bradbery's guitarist. Here are the remaining dates of the tour:

Dec. 3, 2015: Youngstown, OH, Covelli Center

Dec. 4, 2015: Fairfax, VA, Eagle Bank Arena

Dec. 5, 2015: Bethlehem, PA, Sands Casino

Dec. 9, 2015: Kalamazoo, MI, Wings Stadium

Dec. 10, 2015: Toledo, OH, Huntington Center

Dec 11, 2015: Chicago, IL, Rosemont Theatre


Happy Thanksgiving,



Ridiculous, but not surprising

Read this:

If you didn't click the link, the gist is:

Popular Country-music group releases song to radio. Song describes feelings of jealousy expressed by female narrator for another female, who is now the object of affection of narrators ex-significant other. Absurd outcome: Country-music fans mount campaign to kibosh song's airplay/chart ascension. Based on their inability to understand lyrics/english, listeners fear song spreads Gay agenda.

It doesn't really surprise me that people would make judgements after hearing only a VERY small portion of the story. Why get all the facts? That would take too much of their precious time. Even if they did understand the song's meaning, would it matter anyway? Do they hear what they want to hear so they feel justified in their close-minded, out-dated, "I was raised this way, so why would I change" beliefs?

I try not to judge people, but it's tough. I can rarely keep my mouth shut when I have a really stupid thing to say. I feel their pain. However, doing so would make me just as biggoted and intolerant as the morons who are worried about a gay agenda being spread throughout our civilized and educated 21st century culture. We're SO beyond that these days. Right?


Things and stuff I'm currently interested in looking at on my iPhone

Topps BUNT app (Totally addicted, really hope Upper Deck comes out with a competitor soon) (shameless plug for my totally awesome boss)

VSCO Cam (Can't. Stop. Editing. Photos.)

Bulang & Sons (Watch straps...and watches, but mostly their straps...)

Untappd (It's just lots of beer)

How to Shape a Fitted Baseball Cap (who knew?!?)




Stop complaining

This afternoon, Katie A & I played and sang songs (Christmas hits included), for kids with cancer at a hospital in Riverside, California. One little boy we met, Isaiah, gets to go home tomorrow; his most recent scans came back completely cancer-free. When he was admitted in August, they discovered stage-4 cancer, it then spread to his bones. For now, it's gone, and he'll spend Christmas at home with his family.

Most of the rest of the kids aren't as lucky as Isaiah. They'll spend their Xmas morning opening presents in a hospital bed.

Despite that, I heard a lot of kids singing, a lot of laughing and a lot of clapping and cheering for our renditions of Jingle Bells and Rudolph.....

One thing I didn't hear ONCE was a complaint of ANY kind. None of them cried, none of them whined, nobody seemed upset or bored. They all thanked us and smiled and were grateful.

Whatever you're dealing with, I'm pretty positive it's nowhere NEAR what these kids face on an hourly basis. Stop complaining, be grateful, be POSITIVE and spread that around. If someone needs reminding....REMIND THEM!